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Preanalytical workflow engineered by SARSTEDT

Pre- and postanalytical workflow includes the processes before and after the actual laboratory analysis: collection, transport, receipt and distribution of the samples in the laboratory and storage of the samples after analysis. All process steps of this workflow are important for an optimal analytical result.

SARSTEDT gives you holistic, coordinated products and systems that are consolidated in the preanalytical workflow product range.

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We develop your preanalytics further

Optimizing and validating preanalytics is especially significant, as preanalytical errors constitute two thirds of all laboratory errors, the greatest percentage. The main consequence of these errors in preanalytics is reduced efficiency of laboratory medicine.

Better control of influencing variables and disruptive factors and greater standardization of preanalytical workflows can permanently eliminate defects and process problems. This leads to valid, reliable laboratory results.

As a leading global provider of preanalytical solutions and systems, SARSTEDT has made a considerable contribution to making preanalytics more reliable and efficient. Working with our customers, we have further developed the preanalytical workflow with targeted innovations in recent years.

Let us advise you

In addition to high-quality products and coordinated system solutions, we focus on the individual consulting and training of our customers.

We have developed the SARSTEDT Preanalytical Consultancy Program (SPCP) – a holistic concept that aims to qualitatively and quantitatively identify preanalytical error sources and implement a subsequent action plan for sustained optimisation.

From sample collection to archiving – in the best hands

  • Solutions for sample handling, automation and digitalization
  • Individual process consulting and training
  • Decades of experience and know-how


preanalytical workflow
preanalytical workflow
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