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Sample collection tubes

Blood collection with the S-Monovette and Safety-Multifly needle

Venous blood

Our S-Monovette® blood collection system constitutes a significant contribution toward the quick, error-free analysis of blood samples, ensuring your patients receive their care in the quickest and most effective way possible.

With the aspiration technique, the S-Monovette® is the optimal solution for every patient – young or old, healthy or seriously ill – for all vein conditions. With the aspiration technique of the S-Monovette®, the haemolysis rate can be reduced considerably and the sample quality optimised.

In addition to the aspiration technique, the dual system of the S-Monovette® also allows for the conventional vacuum technique for blood collection.



Capillary blood

Capillary blood collection allows for a meaningful diagnosis even when using small quantities of blood or facing difficult vein conditions. With our large, flexible product portfolio, we offer specialised and optimal systems for blood collection for a variety of needs.

Starting with a variety of safety lancets, you’ll find the right solution from our large product range of sample tubes upon request,

The Microvette® APT 250 and 500 were developed specifically for automated processing on blood count analysis systems. The pierceable quick-release cap of this primary tube makes it possible to conduct an automated blood count just like with venous samples.



Collection of capillary blood with the Microvette APT
Microvette<sup>®</sup> APT

The Microvette® APT

The specialised Microvette® APT – Automated Processing Tube was specially developed for automated processing on blood count analysis systems and meets all the important requirements of a primary tube for this purpose. The pierceable quick-release cap makes it possible to conduct an automated blood count just like with venous samples. Using the same procedures as you would with routine venous samples allows you to avoid preanalytical errors and improve turn-around times.


Urine: Hygienic, practical and reliable.

As the first closed and needle-free urine collection system from SARSTEDT, the NFT product family consisting of the Urine Monovette®, Urine Cup NFT and Urine Collection Container NFT combines the advantages of existing products into a single solution.

The needle-free collection function ensures a needle is no longer needed. The Urine Monovette® easily pierces the innovative NFT membrane. Following easy collection, the opening closes immediately and remains hygienically sealed even after collecting several samples. There is no risk of infection from a needlestick injury.

The NFT system ensures hygienic working conditions throughout the entire sample collection process andafter collection, the products of the NFT system do not need to be disposed of separately in needle-proof containers – saving time and money compared to products with an integrated needle.


Needle-free urine transfer from the cup into a Urine-Monovette
Broad portfolio of stool tubes

Faeces tubes

Faeces samples: SARSTEDT faeces tubes allow the clean and easy collection of faeces. In addition to a variety of sizes, there are also different faeces scoops, also allowing for the collection of defined faeces quantities of 1 ml, approximately 1 g.

The Salivette®

Saliva: The diagnostic importance of parameters that vary from hour to hour (such as hormones or medication) is constantly increasing. The advantages and suitability of saliva as a sample material have been demonstrated in many studies. The Salivette® offers the optimal method for hygienically collecting whole saliva.

With no medical personnel required, patients can easily and independently collect the examination material for 24-hour profiles on their own at home. To allow for the collection of saliva, the Salivette® is available with a variety of absorbent rolls: with cotton roll and a synthetic fibre roll developed specially for determining cortisol from saliva.

Salivette for collecting saliva
CSF false bottom tube for collecting cerebrospinal fluid

CSF false bottom tube for collecting cerebrospinal fluid

In the field of CSF diagnostics, SARSTEDT has developed special collection tubes for basic examinations and markers for Alzheimer’s disease. 

The CSF tube with false bottom in particular creates the basis for a routine sample tube thanks to its optimal low binding properties and tried-and-tested 75 x 13 mm dimensions. 

Transferring the CSF following collection is no longer necessary thanks to the CSF tube with false bottom. All work steps from sample collection, transport, analysis and storage are carried out in the CSF tube with false bottom. The CSF tube with false bottom thus fulfils the handling requirements for a CSF primary tube for the specific requirements of sensitive Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers.

The fusion of these properties in a single sample tube allows for reliable preanalytics in Alzheimer’s disease diagnostics.

preanalytical workflow
preanalytical workflow
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